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Here is a wonderful stress reducing strategy:

(Warning: It can work really, really well but can be difficult to do.)

*IT IS definitely worth it!

You need to force yourself to be totally in the present.

I say force because that is actually what you have to do. After awhile, you will be able to do it more easily, but in the beginning, your mind will want to run away. Your mind will not want to sit still for you!

Reading this article, be right here. Do not think about what you will do next or what you just finished doing.

Be totally here, reading every word and understanding every word.

Not so easy, but doesn’t it feel good? You can feel yourself relaxing if you totally focus on right now.

Take a deep breath in through your nose as you close your eyes. Think about how good it feels to fill your lungs with oxygen. Imagine the oxygen being delivered to every cell and every part of your body.

Now, breathe out through your mouth. Blow the air out, to totally empty all the stale air that was lingering inside you.

Feel how good your life is right now, in this minute, in this second.


Be in the moment.

Aaahhh. The present is all you have.

Enjoy it.

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