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I’m getting ready to hire my first employees; what should I be looking for? Somebody asked me this at a recent panel discussion about starting up a business. Being clever I went with this reply – First, let me suggest what you don’t want ... Sandra Finkel has heard all the excuses for racing through life.  But she doesn’t buy them. Finkel, who holds a master’s degree in public health and works as the manager of stress management services for the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center, said one simple lesson can benefit nearly everyone: If you can’t control it, don’t [...] One of the hardest aspects of working from home is creating the discipline or motivation to work regular hours each day. It is so easy to get distracted and put off the essential tasks that need to get done.  So an easy solution is keeping your work p... Former Michigander, Motivational Speaker and Stress Reducing Expert, Diana Fletcher Speaks Out to Help with the Transition into an Exciting New Industry Diana Fletcher Life Coach and Stress Reducing Expert, announces today that she will be one of the speakers at the upcoming Michigan’s Next Movie Star event on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at the [...] Here’s a quick quiz for you: Which of the following does not belong in your life? a. Massage b. Dark Chocolate. c. Long walks d. Continuous, bad Stres If you picked Stress, you are correct! (If you picked any of the other choices, we need to talk!) I believe that we need an assortment of [...] Got the world on a string or its weight on your shoulders? Small business owners are often faced with challenges of priority that employees rarely experience. They believe they’re completely responsible to their business when in fact the reverse ... The “Finish Strong” Foundation exists to make a positive difference in the lives of at-risk youth in Illinois. Its philosophy ‘is founded upon the belief that the principles learned through athletic activities serve to bring the best ... We have children, jobs, homes and aging parents; we almost fit everything in, and then we collapse at the end of the day, too tired to take care of the most important thing there is–our own health. We cannot escape the facts of life, but we can escape the stress for short periods of time, [...]

Coaching online

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Contrary to popular belief coaching is not like therapy. Coaches are not like psychologists either. Coaches acts as radical catalysts to provoke you into action. Coaching is an alliance; a synergy between the coach and the person being coached. Coaching is founded on the belief that people know the answers to their own questions. If you are on a journey blindfolded, you and you alone can take the covering off your eyes; and so they incite you to discover your life's purpose may it be in work, relationships, career and everything else in life.