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Sometimes we fail in following our personal sense of mission because we believe we lack some critical key to success. The easy way is to write down what questions you need answered Sometimes we discover the choices we’ve made responded to priorities that no longer fit our lives; we count on relationships, work, or our environment to handle fulfillment, social interaction, challenge, accomplishment and continued personal develo... So often we focus on goals that reflect a change we’d like to achieve: lose weight, stop smoking, change jobs, plan a vacation. How often is the same degree of planning applied to the very 'big picture' concepts, the kind that don't often come up in... As many of you know, I was in Michigan the weekend of October 3rd for the Michigan’s Next Movie Star Event. I had such a great time and met some really wonderful people, but the thing that impressed me the most was this: Positive Energy! The event was being held in Flint, Michigan, not far [...] Ask Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com what business he’s in and he’ll say ‘customer service’; the fact that he sells millions of books, cd’s and other assorted consumer stuff is nice but hey, if Amazon can provide a first class customer-orien... Find out how at Flint event By Chad Swiatecki Flint Journal October 01, 2009, Clemon Crum thinks it’s time aspiring actors and other film industry talent in the Flint area cashed in on Hollywood’s growing investment in Michigan. Which is what led the Flint resident and entrepreneur to organize Saturday’s “Michigan’s Next Movie Star” showcase [...]