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As you research life coaching, when you get down to the real core of it, the objective of any coaching relationship is really all the same — coaching is all about change! Here are some other examples for clarification.

How does Life Coaching differ from other professional relationships:

Unlike teaching, we’ll collaborate and learn from each other
Unlike counseling, you’ll look ahead towards the possibilities for you
Unlike mentoring, your experience is the foundation for progress
Unlike consulting, you’ll establish your own desired actions

Who can benefit from Coaching?

All kinds of people will benefit:         Who are in a multitude of situations:

* Business Owners                                 * Organizational skill development
* Spouses/Partners                               * Life planning
* Managers                                           * Productivity/Morale improvement
* New Graduates                                  * Workplace integration
* Salespersons                                      * Interpersonal skill development
* Employees in transition/Students      * Career-pathing
* Professionals                                     * Work/Life balance
* Entrepreneurs                                    * Business launch
* Executives                                         * Career development
* Employees                                         * Workplace enrichment
* Anyone……                                         * Wanting to progress in their lives…..

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