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Book Review: Serendipity's Secret by Samantha Babington

‘Serendipity’s Secret’ is an innovative step-by-step guide to the tools and techniques of life coaching woven around the heart-warming story of a cat called Serendipity.

The book takes you on journey of self-discovery where you can witness the endearing character Serendipity start to explore a preferable future with the help of a parrot called Pollyanna who becomes her life coach.

What’s particularly great about this book is its use of the fable format which allows you to observe and become involved with Serendipity’s highs and lows so you can start to identify and reflect on your own life and how it may relate to what is happening in the story. This makes the messages within the book even more powerful on a personal basis, as it is gives you the space to raise awareness in yourself by observing objectively.

As a coach myself, it also helped me remember certain areas of coaching and also reflect on things I could be doing differently or improving upon. I particularly liked the chapters around procrastination, dejection, fear and regret where the book takes a novel approach of looking at these bugbears and helping the client overcome these obstacles. The book is also well structured, taking you along step by step through the whole coaching process and then providing a really useful, practical summary at the end. Overall, the story was great and flowed really well. Serendipity was a lovely character and Polly a great coach.

In summary, Serendipity’s Secret is a wonderful book whether you are looking to take your own life forward, or are a Coach helping others to do the same. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested in coaching or isn’t already living the life of their dreams!

Reviewed by Dee Wilkinson

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