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Body language, properly non-verbal communication, has become something of an obsession. I’ve written a number of posts about the supposed 55-38-7 rule and how it is often used out of context. A number of people have suggested that if I … Continue reading Up until 1990 the traditional phone was the equivalent of e-mail, and employees were always being told to hang up and have meetings. Now if you get a voice contact, it’s cause for celebration. In the age of smart phones, human contact is a lost art. But it’s still king because it engages all aspects [...] It seems that everywhere we turn these days we hear about “balance”.  Finding life/work balance, personal balancing, balancing work and family, balancing our chi, and so on.  Balance can be elusive.  Lately, I have been thinking a lot ab... While listening to one of my news shows this morning (yes, I am a news junky) I heard one commentator say that a politician has to do two things to be successful.  They have to first get people to like them, and then they have to get those same people... We have all had the experience of sitting down with someone to conduct a 1-1 only to have the other person give us the “presentation”.  Personally, I find this happens with folks who are building a multi-level or direct sales business.  I... On our journey through life we wear so many hats and take on so many responsiblities and often it becomes difficult to stay focused on our goals.  We are all pulled in so many directions each day, and I think it is important to take time each day to r... Throughout the analysis to the run up to the 2010 UK General Election, the subject of ‘body language‘ or non-verbal communication has dominated. Faced with the first presidential style leaders’ debates, it’s often the simplest most televisual form of analysis. So, why discuss politics or policies when we can be discussing ties, smiles and hand [...]