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Recently I had an exchange with a prominent pastor about her misconception of what a life coach is or does, hence the reason I’m writing this blog post. As a faith-based life coach, my #1 aim is to help the other person accomplish what God wants him/her to do/be. I have the privilege of coming [...]
In 2009, I wrote this blog post to describe some key differences between life coaching and traditional therapy/counseling. Most therapists who have a client-centered or solutions-focused practice will probably point out that my examples below are outdated, yet the traditional model still applies to this day. Consequently, as the lines between the two fields become [...] As you research life coaching, when you get down to the real core of it, the objective of any coaching relationship is really all the same — coaching is all about change! Here are some other examples for clarification. How does Life Coaching differ from other professional relationships: Unlike teaching, we’ll collaborate and learn from [...]