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Do It! Or Ditch It – 8 Steps to Business Success, written by Bev James, is already receiving rave reviews just one week after publication. We love to share positive news here on the blog so do read on find out what all the fuss is about:
in 2010 as the first baby boomers turn 65, roughly 8,000,000 American business will be up for sale. Which ones are likely to get serious attention? I’ve been coaching business owners for over 10 years; that’s a lot of conversations, a lot of challenges and opportunities for greater self-awareness and its development; for better business systems and their documentation.  Yet in all those years... Ask Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com what business he’s in and he’ll say ‘customer service’; the fact that he sells millions of books, cd’s and other assorted consumer stuff is nice but hey, if Amazon can provide a first class customer-orien... Got the world on a string or its weight on your shoulders? Small business owners are often faced with challenges of priority that employees rarely experience. They believe they’re completely responsible to their business when in fact the reverse ...