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Most people at some time are plagued by self-doubt. Many people struggle to accept compliments and praise. A key factor is practice. Certainly, in Britain there’s a saying that self-praise is no praise at all. I’d like to counter that … Continue reading Lent, in the Christian calendar is marked by prayer, penance, repentance, charity and self-denial, for forty days leading to up Easter. It is usually summed up in the phrase ‘giving up something for Lent’,  and is often seen as a … Continue reading
On this Thanksgiving day, gratitude should certainly be the main course of the day, along with turkey and football. Studies show grateful people are happier, healthier and better able to withstand hardship. But if you limit your gratitude to a once-a-year holiday, well, you miss out. Here are five ways you can express gratitude during [...] Where as ‘bad news comes in threes’, or so it’s said, there doesn’t seem to be any comparable unit of measurement for good news. This perceptual bias of vigilance for the bad stuff at the expense of the good stuff means that our perception of the world may become distorted. The daily hassles and uplifts [...]