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I want to share this article because Laura makes some fantastic points about misleading food labels and gives great information about how to read them properly. There will be many people trying to get their eating and weight under control right now–that is probably the most popular New Year’s Resolution…right? This information could help you [...] Here’s a quick quiz for you: Which of the following does not belong in your life? a. Massage b. Dark Chocolate. c. Long walks d. Continuous, bad Stres If you picked Stress, you are correct! (If you picked any of the other choices, we need to talk!) I believe that we need an assortment of [...] We have children, jobs, homes and aging parents; we almost fit everything in, and then we collapse at the end of the day, too tired to take care of the most important thing there is–our own health. We cannot escape the facts of life, but we can escape the stress for short periods of time, [...] The most important day of my life was the day I broke my neck. The world changed. Every decision I made after that day was different than it would have been, had it not happened. You grow up hearing, “Don’t do that—you’ll break your neck!” You hear about people diving into pools, and the horror [...]