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I was loaned “Cirque du Soleil The Spark; Igniting the Creative Fire that Lives Within Us All By Lyn Heward and John U Bacon” by a friend who is a trained psychologist but who works in “quality systems” for many international clients. Her “introduction” was; “I give a copy of this book to all my key client contacts – it’s never failed to provide a powerful message about what I will be working with them to achieve”.
in 2010 as the first baby boomers turn 65, roughly 8,000,000 American business will be up for sale. Which ones are likely to get serious attention? I’ve been coaching business owners for over 10 years; that’s a lot of conversations, a lot of challenges and opportunities for greater self-awareness and its development; for better business systems and their documentation.  Yet in all those years... Sometimes we fail in following our personal sense of mission because we believe we lack some critical key to success. The easy way is to write down what questions you need answered Sometimes we discover the choices we’ve made responded to priorities that no longer fit our lives; we count on relationships, work, or our environment to handle fulfillment, social interaction, challenge, accomplishment and continued personal develo... So often we focus on goals that reflect a change we’d like to achieve: lose weight, stop smoking, change jobs, plan a vacation. How often is the same degree of planning applied to the very 'big picture' concepts, the kind that don't often come up in... Got the world on a string or its weight on your shoulders? Small business owners are often faced with challenges of priority that employees rarely experience. They believe they’re completely responsible to their business when in fact the reverse ...