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For many people the words ‘critical’ and ‘criticism’ have negative connotations. Of course it’s not helped by the impression many people have of professional critics who spend their lives reviewing the accomplishments of others. Tales are told of critics who … Continue reading I recently read a study conducted at the University of Connecticut to determine how much people trusted what they read on the Internet. Researchers created a factitious web site about a factitious animal (endangered tree octopus in the Pacific Northwes... What do you think of when you hear the word discipline?  Let’s face it, discipline is not that popular a word these days?  It conjures up in us a feeling that there will be work involved and it will be painful.  Discipline is not something we ... Have you ever thought about what you would do if you knew you could not fail? I know that is one of those questions motivative speakers ask you to get you all fired up. But for real, have you ever thought about it. I ask this question because I just si... As you research life coaching, when you get down to the real core of it, the objective of any coaching relationship is really all the same — coaching is all about change! Here are some other examples for clarification. How does Life Coaching differ from other professional relationships: Unlike teaching, we’ll collaborate and learn from [...] It seems that everywhere we turn these days we hear about “balance”.  Finding life/work balance, personal balancing, balancing work and family, balancing our chi, and so on.  Balance can be elusive.  Lately, I have been thinking a lot ab... Well it is Friday, so hopefully your stress levels are pretty low, but you could also be working on a deadline and the weekend is looming ahead of you.  Stress is obviously one of the things that we all like to avoid, but most of us live under a certa... I was at a wonderful networking group this morning and the exercise for the day was exchanging information about all the networking groups we all attended.  It was a good discussion that got me thinking a little about what I should be getting out of n... I admire folks who have the uncanny ability to “do it all”.  They tirelessly work several several businesses and manage getting kids to school, do some volunteer work, get to a couple networking groups, all while seeming completely in cont... We have all had the experience of sitting down with someone to conduct a 1-1 only to have the other person give us the “presentation”.  Personally, I find this happens with folks who are building a multi-level or direct sales business.  I... On our journey through life we wear so many hats and take on so many responsiblities and often it becomes difficult to stay focused on our goals.  We are all pulled in so many directions each day, and I think it is important to take time each day to r... It’s on your mind, so let’s talk about it. The Flu. I would like to point out that it is not a given that you have to get sick every Fall and Winter. You can significantly reduce your chances of catching colds, the flu, and everything else going around. If you take care of yourself, [...] As many of you know, I was in Michigan the weekend of October 3rd for the Michigan’s Next Movie Star Event. I had such a great time and met some really wonderful people, but the thing that impressed me the most was this: Positive Energy! The event was being held in Flint, Michigan, not far [...] Find out how at Flint event By Chad Swiatecki Flint Journal October 01, 2009, Clemon Crum thinks it’s time aspiring actors and other film industry talent in the Flint area cashed in on Hollywood’s growing investment in Michigan. Which is what led the Flint resident and entrepreneur to organize Saturday’s “Michigan’s Next Movie Star” showcase [...] Sandra Finkel has heard all the excuses for racing through life.  But she doesn’t buy them. Finkel, who holds a master’s degree in public health and works as the manager of stress management services for the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center, said one simple lesson can benefit nearly everyone: If you can’t control it, don’t [...] Former Michigander, Motivational Speaker and Stress Reducing Expert, Diana Fletcher Speaks Out to Help with the Transition into an Exciting New Industry Diana Fletcher Life Coach and Stress Reducing Expert, announces today that she will be one of the speakers at the upcoming Michigan’s Next Movie Star event on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at the [...] Here is a wonderful stress reducing strategy: (Warning: It can work really, really well but can be difficult to do.) *IT IS definitely worth it! You need to force yourself to be totally in the present. I say force because that is actually what you have to do. After awhile, you will be able to [...]